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“We build bridges to digitalization for businesses through, technology, IT solutions, and managed services”

Digital Transformation

We at SEIDOTECH are enablers for digital transformation. We help businesses, companies, industries, and more to become more efficient through digitalization and technology.

We assure to empower you and your business through our wide array of products, technology solutions, and managed services that we can customize to your specific needs and provide you with optimal solutions.

The Value of Managed Services

We work with you to grow and scale your business and reach new heights. Our purpose is to be your partner in your everyday journey and keep your productivity high.

Our Engineering Excellence

Our drive to innovate and pursue technical excellence in our field stems from our passion for digitalization. And that gives us the energy to learn the latest trends in technology to continually improve and innovate our products and services for our clients.

The inspiration behind our name showcases our commitment to providing only the best for our clients. “Seido” is a Japanese word that means ‘Precision’ and ‘Accuracy.’ These two words best represent who we are and what we want to achieve. To operate with precision and accuracy in everything we do is our mantra and the type of culture we have set in our company.

The Value of Working With Us

Gain Access to a Team of Incredibly Talented IT Engineers

When you work with us, you gain access to an incredibly talented and experienced team that you can rely upon without worry. You can feel confident and assured that all your IT needs are met with them in your arsenal to create optimal solutions for you and your business.

Our strong foundation in fulfilling our commitment to deliver exceptional solutions comes from our core team of seasoned electronics, communications, and IT engineers. Their years of experience and expertise help us maintain quality service and business sustainability.

We also treat every client like a team member, encouraging a collaborative process in their journey to digitalization every step of the way.

Our Services

Managed IT Solutions

Customized IT Solutions

Engineering Design 

Managed Financial Accounting Services and Helpdesk Solutions 

Our Brand for All Things IoT and Smart Cities

SEIDOXENS is a brand under SEIDOTECH that focuses on IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions. Through SEIDOXENS, we aim to bring practical & intelligent solutions for future homes, buildings, and cities. And we plan to achieve that by providing the technology and system that our clients needs to convert their spaces into smart spaces.

360 XENSING is our catalog of data-driven IoT solutions. It provides fully automated data collection and analysis to help you transform your space into an efficient, self-sufficient, and smart environment.

Practical and Intelligent Solutions for Future Homes, Buildings and Cities

In today’s day and age, we are rapidly transitioning into a more and more digital world. And the demand to improve daily life with new technologies and innovation continues to increase. While adaptability is in our human nature, these rapid changes can make it hard for us to adapt.

But we can easily transition to these rapid changes by taking advantage of technology and digitalization. The world waits for no one; if we don’t adapt, we will fall behind quickly. And that’s why we provide practical and intelligent solutions. To help everyone transition to the digital world with ease.

The Founders of SEIDOTECH


Investor, Vice-Chairman, CIO and Co-Founder of Seidotech Solutions Corp.


Investor, Co- Chaiman/ Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Seidotech Solutions Corp.

Our Partners in Technology Innovation

MOBIA is a tech company based in Canada that focuses on building long-term customer relationships and being a trusted partner through successes and challenges. They offer a continuum of services through their consultants and partners to address businesses' digital transformation journey requirements.

Packetworx is the first and only LoRaWAN® connectivity provider for the Internet of Things in the Philippines. We design and develop low-cost, wireless, easy-to-install, and low-power devices. Our connectivity and devices enable system integrators, solution providers, and businesses to easily launch IoT solutions and applications.

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We're always looking for new talent with fresh perspectives. If you're interested in a work-life balance environment, join us here at SEIDOTECH, make sure to check out our careers page from time to time for available openings. Our company is growing fast so we'll definitely need more people to join us and help us become better along the way.

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